Why would you pay me more for my home?

When it comes to buying homes in any condition, often people will think that we are trying to steal the home and pay as little as we can for it. While some real estate investors like to push the envelope, at the end of the day, my reputation and treating people fairly are what serve as my guiding principles.

We see homes in all sorts of situations. From years of neglect to homes that simply have been abandoned, we understand that there is still value in that home for people. Sometimes people think the home needs more work than it really does or that it will be really expensive to fix. We know how much it is going to costs and share that with you upfront.

Selling a home usually means that the seller is getting a fresh start and that money is important to do it right! We recently bought a home and it needed a lot of work. The roof was needing to be replaced as was the flooring, wall paint, light fixtures, appliances and a few more items. What was nice though was that the a/c and water heater were both only a few years old. We told the homeowner and were able to pay them $5,000 more than they had originally expected.

If you have a home that needs work, you inherited or has tenants in it and you don’t want to deal with it, let us know. We would be happy to check it out and make you an all cash offer that can close when you are ready.

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