Superbowl 2019 drama?

Well, the Superbowl came and went and while we enjoyed some of the commercials, the game itself really lacked any drama. You could say it was pretty boring to watch, but what we saw was an interesting defensive game. Why was it interesting? Because both teams executed so well on defense by using everything they had practiced over and over.

When it comes to working with homeowners looking to sell, we too are pretty boring! Why? Because we help homeowners every day and we have gotten pretty good at it. When looking to sell your home because it needs work, you had a bad tenant, you went through a divorce or you inherited it, you don’t need drama! You need results.

When looking at the various companies that offer to buy homes in as is shape, ask yourself, do you want drama or do you want results? As one of the few fully funded home buyers in San Antonio, we don’t rely on banks, hard money lenders or buy homes subject to. We simply pay all cash and can close in 5 days or less. Need more time in the home? No problem, we have let homeowners stay in homes weeks at a time after they get paid so they can better plan the next phase of their life.

No drama when it comes to dealing with your home is what you should expect. That and honesty. We welcome any questions when it comes to the real estate market and how we can help.

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