Is it like the TV Shows?

I was out the other day and was talking with someone about the real estate market. When I told them that I bought homes and then renovated them. They then said like on TV? I told them not quite.

First, we don’t have the drama and the other side of it is I like helping people. The home buying part is just another part of that equation. What people are generally looking for is security and honesty.

Most homes I have bought may have had multiple liens, been behind in taxes, maybe were inherited but have issues with the title or need a lot of repairs. What someone thinks could be a large problem is usually something that I have already encountered and can easily fix. What happens then is I share my knowledge with the homeowner and we work to get it solved. What does that mean to the person selling their home? Generally that I will be paying them more money.

The key is open communication. I can help as long as I have the information. Looking to sell your home? Does it need work or have issues? That’s ok. We can help without all of the TV drama!

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