Housing can be expensive but so can ignoring simple maintenance. What often starts off looking like a minor issue can develop into something more serious very quickly. When it comes to water, when you see if someplace it does not belong, fix it quick! Water can do more damage to wood, siding, insulation and just about anything else you can think of!

How bad can it be? We recently came across a home where the owner noticed a little bit of wood rot around the trim of a window. 3 months later, that rot had developed into a hold big enough to put your fist through. And to make matters worse, now the framing in the walls was getting wet. After a few more months, when we returned to the home, termites had found the moist wood.

The initial fix for the trim would have been a board and some paint. At the least, maybe some caulk would have worked. Instead, the termite treatment ran $375 and the cost to replace the damaged framing another $600.

The best advice it to not ignore a problem. Usually the longer something goes, the worse it will be. We buy homes in all condition and the recommendation we always have is contact us earlier versus later. We can pay more for the home and be more proactive in our approach. But if the home needs a lot of work, we don't shy away from that either!

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